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01 How long is my TORLEN PROFESSIONAL unit covered under warranty?

Your TORLEN unit is covered for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized vendor. You must have a valid receipt from the authorized vendor, in order to receive warranty coverage or submit a warranty claim. Warranted items will be repaired or replaced for you at the company’s discretion.

02 What does my warranty cover?

Your one year warranty protects your TORLEN unit from any defect or problem stemming from a defect due to workmanship from the manufacturing process. A unit is not considered defective, unless examined in our Repair Center by a trained technician.

03 Are there exclusions to my warranty coverage?

Yes, the following are exclusions not covered under warranty:

  • Physical or internal damage caused by misuse, mishandling, or accidental damage (such as, but not limited to, dropping a unit).
  • Normal wear and tear, such as scratches on the plates, product build up, broken exterior, loose plates, etc.
  • Improper voltage usage other than prescribed on packaging.
  • Cord malfunction caused by pulling on the cord improperly, or wrapping the cord around the unit.
  • Tampering, modifications, or repair attempts by another party other than a technician employed by TORLEN. will void your warranty coverage.
  • Purchase from an unauthorized vendor will void your warranty coverage, and in this situation your consumer rights lie with the point of sale.
  • Removal of any labeling or serial number from a unit.

04 How do I know if I am covered under warranty?

In order to receive warranty coverage, you should have activated your warranty within thirty days of the purchase date, and be found in the TORLEN Warranty Database. If you are not found in the TORLEN Warranty Database, you can still establish your warranty coverage by providing our company with a valid receipt from an authorized vendor, showing the unit has been purchased within a year to date. Non-valid receipts are handwritten receipts without the proper business information as required by the company, credit card statements, or other forms of receipts which the company considers non-valid.

05 How does the warranty process work for a TORLEN unit purchased as a gift?

If you received a TORLEN unit as a gift, you must obtain a copy of a valid receipt in order to activate or claim warranty coverage. We recommend if you are purchasing a TORLEN unit as a gift, you provide the recipient with a copy of the receipt or activate the warranty for the recipient before gifting the item. Without a valid receipt at the time of warranty submission, a TORLEN unit cannot be determined to be under warranty coverage.


01 How do I send my TORLEN unit to the Repair Center?

In order to receive the best possible service through our Repair Center, Before sending defective unit, please confirm your unit's warranty with us, on email ( or call us on our customer care numbers, after confirming your warranty, send the unit to our address mentioned on the warranty card.

02 Am I able to send a TORLEN unit to the Repair Center, even if it is not covered under warranty?

Yes, we still accept units not covered under warranty for examination and possible repair or replacement. If a unit is not covered under warranty, repair or replacement fees, plus shipping and handling fees, will apply.

03 Can I purchase a replacement part and repair the unit myself?

No, for liability reasons we cannot provide replacement parts for “at home” repairs. For your safety, and the safety of your TORLEN unit, please follow the proper steps and allow our Repair Center to properly assess and repair your item.

04 How do I check the status of my unit while it is in the Repair Center?

In order to check the status of your current repair or replacement, please email your name, phone number, and the tracking number from your shipped unit to A Customer Service representative or technician will contact you with information regarding the status of your unit.

05 Do you provide a temporary unit for use while my TORLEN unit is in the Repair Center?

No, we do not provide a temporary unit for your use while your unit is in our Repair Center. Please plan accordingly, before sending in your unit to be examined by a technician.

06 I purchased my TORLEN unit from an outside vendor, how do I return it for a refund?

While we do have our own refund policy and procedure, we do not provide a refund for an item not purchased directly from our company. You should contact the company you purchased from in order to discuss a refund within their set company policies.

Product Care

01 What is the best way to care for my TORLEN iron?

Keep your plates clean of residue or product build up, by wiping them regularly with a smooth, gentle cloth.

02 What is the best way to care for my TORLEN dryer?

Regularly remove the back vent cap on the dryer to remove any built up hair or dust. This will keep your dryer clean, and the motor working properly.

03 How do I promote the life span of my unit?

Refrain from wrapping the cord around your unit, and always keep your unit clean and properly stored in a dry, safe area. Always unplug your unit after each use, and make sure to maintain safe and careful practices and habits when using your unit.

04 Can I use my TORLEN iron when I travel outside of the India or any other country?

Most TORLEN flat irons can be used up to 240v. However, our older units did not have this feature, and we advise that you call our Customer Service Department and check to make sure your iron is travel ready before using it outside of India.

05 Can I use my TORLEN dryer when I travel outside India?

No, our TORLEN dryers are not considered dual or free voltage, and should only be used within India.

Product Information

01 If I leave my iron plugged in, will it automatically shut off?

Most of our irons feature an auto shut off feature. The auto shut off feature will automatically turn off the heat of your iron after 60 minutes of non-use. However, it does not shut off the electrical current running from your socket to the iron, and you should always remember to unplug your unit to promote the longevity of the unit, and for safety purposes. Always check your iron has that function. Older models are not supported with Auto Shut off Feature.

02 Are titanium plates better than ceramic plates?

Titanium plates are beneficial in providing even heat distribution, an exceptionally smooth glide, enhance durability, are easy to use on all hair types, prevent snagging or pulling, deliver instant heat, reduce styling time, eliminate static, reduce damage to hair, and provide your hair with a shinier finish. Though we recommend TITANIUM Plates under professional guidance, Since it is high on its heat conditions, So always check its temperature and use it in accordance.

03 What temperature options do I have on my iron?

TORLEN irons with temperature controller allow you to choose from custom settings, ranging from 80 degrees to 230 degrees Celcius. You are able to choose your desired temperature within that range, and adjust the temperature as needed depending on your styling needs.

04 What is the difference between Negative and Positive ions?

Negative ions provide a conditioning-like effect on your hair, compact the cuticle, and reduce frizz. This type of ion is typically used when you are seeking a straighter, sleeker style. Positive ions allow the hair not to be overly smoothed, open the cuticle, and create height. This type of ion is typically used when you are seeking a more voluminous style.

05 If I dropped my unit, is it still safe to use?

Always use your best judgment after dropping a unit. We have designed and manufactured our units to be sturdy, and resist damage upon impact. However, our TORLEN units are not shockproof, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary when using your unit after it has been dropped, it may be in your best interest to contact our Customer Service Department, or send in the unit to be examined at our Repair Center

Styling and Product Tips

01 What is the best temperature for styling my hair?

Depending on your hair type, we recommend a general temperature range for using our products.

Normal Hair: We recommend a temperature range of 180-193 degrees Celcius.

Coarse, Thick, Curly, or Ethnic Hair: We recommend a temperature range of 193-210 degrees Celcius.

Bleached, Chemically Treated, Damaged, or Fine Hair: We recommend a temperature below 180 degrees Celcius.

Of course, you are the best judge for your hair, and should always use your own discernment when applying heat to your hair.

02 Do I need heat protection when using my TORLEN unit?

Yes, you should always protect your hair in case of heat damage. Because our TORLEN tools are a professional styling tool line, we caution use of heavy products when using your unit. A light, heat protection such as a serum or spray is recommended. Make sure if you are using a product with your unit, you clean your unit properly to prevent product build up or damage to the unit.

03 Will styling with my iron at 230 degrees celcius give me better results?

Not necessarily. You should always use the proper temperature range for your hair, in order not to damage your hair with excessive heat exposure. Consult with your stylist for their recommendations on what heat level you should use on your hair, or follow our recommendations as listed above in this section.

04 Is the TORLEN brand a good fit for my fine, thin hair?

Yes! With the temperature ranges offered on all our tools, the TORLEN brand has been externally and internally designed for all hair types and textures. As always, exercise caution in using too high of a temperature when styling your hair, and make sure you adjust your heat settings according to your hair type.

05 I’m not a stylist, is it safe for me to use a TORLEN professional styling tool?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, when used correctly, a TORLEN professional tool can be safer and more beneficial to your hair than other brands found in stores. Because of the advanced technology behind our products, you will receive better styling results and achieve healthier, happier hair.